The Importance of Health and Body Image

The Importance of Health and Body Image

We see images in the media almost every day of what the ‘perfect’ body ‘should’ look like. Today’s teens in particular are assaulted on television, in magazines or on the Internet with images of the ‘perfect’ body. Our body image is often based on what others look like or what we perceive others look like and how that relates to our goals and aspirations for our bodies.

What is body image? Our body image is just that… an image of what we see as our bodies. It’s the way we think about our body and how we think others see it. This awareness and perception is often based on appearance and function. People with a good body image will often see themselves as attractive to others while those with a poor body image will see themselves as unattractive or even repulsive to others.

Body image isn’t unchanging. It is ever ever-changing and commonly not based on fact but rather determined by our self-esteem and psychological in nature. Our body image is sensitive to our emotions, our moods, our water weight retention. We ascertain how to comprehend our body image through interaction with our families and friends but this only reinforces what is acquired culturally.

Our body image is also not grounded on the opinions of others. While some people with great body image may be thought of as unattractive by others while those with a poor image of their bodies might be rated as extremely attractive.

In today’s media driven culture, women are starving themselves and their children, they binge eat or binging and purging. Their children are watching closely to learn what is body image and how to integrate it into their lives. When children are learning from parents whose body image is closely tied to what they perceive as perfection it is no wonder that we are raising a generation of children who aspire to perfection to the point they become anorexic, starve themselves, constantly diet and never eat a nutritious well-balanced diet.

Particularly in their teen years young girls self-esteem is intimately linked to their body image. Self-esteem is how much value people place on themselves, their pride and how worthwhile they feel in themselves. Body image is often tied to self-pride for young teenage girls.

To alter your body image you don’t need to change the way you look, feel, act or live – but you do have to change the way you think of yourself and how attractive you consider yourself to be. Your body is yours. You can’t replicate the current top model and they can’t duplicate you. Nor do you want to because without variety this world would be pretty darned tedious. First be certain that your weight is within healthy bounds and then set about altering what you can and learning to value the diversity of the rest. For example, you can’t change your shoe size or your height but if you feel your legs are too flabby it isn’t something that several hours a week in the gym won’t cure.

The actual goal should always be your health and not your body image. Whether you are undertaking to achieve a healthy weight or healthy toned body the goal should be health. When you take your eyes off of the half-starved, lipo-suctioned, surgically enhanced television stars you’ll realize that your body is beautiful.

When you hear yourself saying negative things about yourself – STOP! You can be your own worst enemy and your biggest fan, rather chose to be your biggest fan.

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How Obesity Affects Health and Body Mass Index

How Obesity Affects Health and Body Mass Index

Obesity is a disease that affects the health of many people. Some people feel being overweight is just the way their bodies were meant to be. Obesity, or being extremely fat, is extremely unhealthy and being overweight is not too healthy either. Maintaining a normal body weight can prolong dementia. Studies show that carrying extra weight leads to high blood pressure and may cause heart disease as well. Heart disease may damage some blood vessel that lead to the brain, which can lead to more problems and even death. In some people obesity can also lead to diabetes.

The possibility of getting hypertension increases about forty two percent in the obese. Being underweight carries a risk of thirty six 36% causing memory impairment and increase inflammation from poor nutrition habits. According to the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 17% of people ages 2 – 19years old are overweight. Although some people may live healthier lives than other by eating well balanced meals, practicing stress reducing techniques, and exercising often, their metabolism could still be slow (sometimes due to family history) making them overweight or obese according to their body mass index (BMI).

According to a 2007 national report on the existence of obesity in adults in the United States, adult obesity went up in thirty seven states. A few extra pounds may be dangerous to one’s health. Staying healthy is important and that should be everyone’s goal. The unfortunate social issue taking place in the American school system is that physical education classes are either being minimized or cut out completely due to budget cuts. Not only does this reduce the amount of physical activity children receive, but it has also been found to leads to obesity and lowered academic achievements.

Health and Body Tips

Health and Body Tips – 3 Ways to Push Yourself to Run

I may love running but there will be days that I just want to stay in bed, snuggle inside that warm comforter and go back to sleep. Once you give in to the temptation of skipping your run routine and exercising, that goal for a balanced way of life could remain just a goal.

For runners like me, aside from not getting up, there are hormonal and neurotically shifts in our body where we just want to walk instead of run or do a 3 kilometre route instead a planned 5 kilometre.

I want to finally be able to do a marathon by September so I really need to focus on training well for my runs and for sticking to my running schedule. For days, when that ‘lazy fever’ hits me, here is what I do…

Running Tip #1: How To Get Up Early
When I wake up early in the morning a predawn body challenge ensues. You see my body is at the lowest in temperature and heart rate in the morning. Dinner meals like carbohydrates (rice, bread, sugar) easily deplete the glycogen levels and it leaves me sleepy and without energy.

I overcome this sleepiness by eating slow-digesting carbs (like broccoli, beans, lentils) for dinner. I also make myself coffee since caffeine automatically keeps you alert. I make sure I get 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

Running Tip #2: How To Have More Energy
I sometime run in the afternoon when I have to work early in the morning. However sometimes I feel like my energy has already been depleted. What I do is split my lunch into 2 so I have a small portioned meal before my run. I also jolt down my time and distance. Seeing it in paper encourages me to run even when I’m down in energy.

Running Tip #3: How To Run Even With Mental Fatigue
A heavy day in work is as tiring, all that thinking can cause mental fatigue. When that happens it’s your mind that craves rest and not your body. Don’t give in to your brain that says it wants rest. Once you hit the road and sweat, you’ll change your mood. Running elevates the nervous system.

Also when you’re in the middle of say, the 10 k run and you think “Gosh I’m tired, I’ll start walking”…. push yourself. Your mind will make you think you’re sluggish and cant run anymore but if your ignore that after half a kilometre you will notice that your brain will adapt and it will get its second wind. That’s how most athletes endure long races, they just push themselves. It’s all in the mind.

Running has change my life, that why I’m always looking for ways to improve on it. I hope this helps runners like me, who are struggling, to be motivated to run consistently.

The Benefits of a Fat Loss System to Your Health and Body

The Benefits of a Fat Loss System to Your Health and Body

Looking for the perfect fat loss system is not easy. In fact, with the voluminous ways and techniques to lose weight, you become so confused about the best diet plan program for you. To melt away those excess pounds fast must be done through natural means. It is the safest way to go without harming your body and your health. Some people opt to go to the drastic methods of taking diet medications such as the Alli Pills. The Meds are approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration. Thus, with this product you are ensured an oral medicine that will make you reduce your body mass as quickly as possible.

Fat loss system programs are not just mere diet plans that will make you thin and sexy. It is something more of a method that will make you feel alive and more independent. Most people who intend to lose the heavy pounds for others will never make it work. Their objective is not to make them healthy but rather make them look better and easy for other people to see. This main outlook will define the kind of lifestyle that they will be living. Once the goal is set, you will be on your way to winning the target weight that you desire.

If you desire to use the fat loss system to improve your health, then the benefits that you will reap are boundless. Did you ever get the hanging feeling of being swollen and too tired to even just walk from the bed to the bathroom? With the help of the program, you will increase your energy level to an optimum that will make you feel active and alive. Lowering your cholesterol levels will ensure that your heart and your body functions better and to the best of its potential. This also leads to the reduction of your blood pressure levels, which lessens the possibility of incurring illnesses such as stroke or cardiac arrest.

The fat loss system when used properly and correctly will benefit your body as it prevents angina and Type 2 Diabetes. Living healthy does not mean that you have to suffer and sacrifice those foods that you like to eat. Most nutritionists recommend that you give yourself a break from the diet at least once a week. Once you have established your goals, then the break will more than likely be something that you will always look forward to every time you reach your goal.

Health and Fitness Classes That Work

Health and Fitness Classes That Work

Improving mind, health and body is the stated aim of many health and fitness classes that are offered today. Many clubs and gyms are offering a variety of exercise and fitness classes that are designed for both men and women.

Some of the classes are traditional such as yoga, while others are offering new exercise ideas and methods to the public.

Women have become the most enthusiastic members at many of the fitness classes, and there are many classes that are designed to encourage their participation. You may notice many exercise classes that offer aerobics or yoga, and the great majority of the participants are women. These classes encourage women to become more active and offer them great gains in their overall level of health. In fact, yoga classes are attracting more males now but their following remains overwhelmingly female.

These particular exercises do not push ideas like muscle, strength and bulk, but do encourage and support stretching, balance and flexibility. These are traits that women seem to naturally value and they are usually quite successful in performing the exercises and stretching techniques.

Males tend to gravitate toward the heavier forms of exercise such as weight training and body building. You will often see them sweating over heavy barbells and working with machines with large weights attached.

Weight training is being offered in more of the health and fitness classes today and these classes are capable of improving the health of both men and women. Many of the fitness classes are finding ways to incorporate some type of mild weight training in with aerobic classes to introduce the activity to more women.

It is now common knowledge that working with weights will not only improve the shape of the body, but weight training will create stronger bones. Weight training can provide women with a well defined athletic body as well.